WATCH: Florida woman records giant alligator’s mating call in Apopka

Gator recorded on Apopka Wildlife Drive

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – It’s mating season — and this alligator was making people aware.

Evelyn Bell was driving through the unique Apopka Wildlife Drive in Orange County when she saw a very large alligator showing off its mating call.

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From the video, you can see the alligator making low, bellowing sounds while pushing its tail in the air.

Gator Alley Farm said that’s all a part of an alligator’s complex mating ritual, which it likes to call a “water dance.”

“Males typically slap the water with their jaws and lift their tails high, causing vibrations throughout the swamp. We like to call this their ‘water dance,’” the farm’s website said.

Bell jokingly posted on Facebook that the alligator thought she was sexy, and it was doing the mating call for her.

According to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials, the courtship between alligators begins in April, but the actual mating happens in May or June.

So be on the lookout for gators on the move.