👢YEE-HAW! Orlando’s newest dinner show celebrates country music, line dancing

Country Nights LIVE invites audience to enjoy live country music, learn line dances

News 6 Insider Guide Crystal Moyer introduces us to Country Nights Live, a new entertainment option along I-Drive.

ORLANDO, Fla. – If you like country music and Southern cooking, you may want to check out a new experience that will have you line dancing on stage.

Country Nights Live debuted in Orlando in March, offering a dinner show experience celebrating old and new country music hits.

“Country music is huge here in the U.S. and also a huge demographic for travelers and international travelers from places like Asia and Europe, so it was a no-brainer that we needed to investigate the possibility of a country-themed show,” said Nick Kroger, the corporate creative director for Orlando Dinner Entertainment.

The concept created by Orlando Dinner Entertainment hosts the show in one of the venues located inside the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure complex off International Drive in Orlando.


The show lasts about two hours and is hosted by “Bronco Betty,” who said she’s more than a Southern girl at heart.

“I’m from the good ol’ bluegrass state of Kentucky and I’m doing finer than a frog hair split four ways. My family was raised on a farm, so I already know a bit about the country life. I grew up with Bluegrass, gospel and country music so I feel right at home with being ‘Bronco Betty’ in this production because I get to focus on my roots and get everyone involved,” she said.

[NOTE: If you’re wondering what the Southern saying ‘Finer than a frog hair split four ways’ means. We asked and frogs don’t have hair, so splitting it four ways, it becomes extremely fine, is the concept behind the saying.]

Country Nights Live is getting the audience involved with a unique feature—a moving stage.

“Our performers will dance on it when it’s up as a stage. We can lower the platform and make this into our very own dance floor. Now you are ready to join in on the fun,” Bronco Betty said.

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The saloon-style venue creates an intimate atmosphere for performers and guests. The show is family-friendly and includes a three-course meal, performances and music performed by a live band with country music from the ‘80s to today’s popular hits. There’s also a full bar at the venue.

Bronco Betty is encouraging those, even with two left feet, to get up and dance.

“In the second half of the show, we get to bring people up and do line dances and I teach a couple of them. And it’s not just watching us on stage, they have a chance to come up here, join Bronco Betty and her dancers and invite them to come into the fun,” she said.

Currently the shows are offered Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Adult tickets are $73.95 and childrens tickets are $46.95. Now through May 31, guests can get 50% off tickets. To redeem this offer, visit www.countrynightslive.com and use code CNL502023 at checkout. Discounted tickets are limited for each show – first come, first serve.

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