Central Florida beaches bid farewell to Bike Week, hello to spring break

Youth curfew since enacted in New Smyrna Beach

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Tens of thousands of people are expected to flock to our Central Florida beaches for spring break, the finale of Bike Week 2023 and the approach of summer.

Trace Pierce and his girlfriend are spending their spring break in Daytona Beach. They’re from New York and are enjoying a much warmer climate for the next few days.

“Very excited, it’s very cold up there. Kind of nice just to come here and chill,” Brianna Moreira said.

“Just great to be here, visiting here, it’s beautiful out,” Trace Pierce said.

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News 6 also spoke with Bruce Fink, a navy veteran, who was visiting Daytona for Bike Week, which wrapped up Sunday.

“I’ve always wanted to come down here for it. I’ve got my Harley up in the garage, I wasn’t bringing it down here so I finally made it,” Fink said.

Right now as many people are in Central Florida enjoying our beaches for spring break, Bike Week and other events, many businesses are hoping these crowds will be a boost for them.

“It’s nothing wrong with Bike Week and spring break coming together,” said Drusella Hill, who works at Daytona Pit Stop. “That’s the main thing, making money.”

Meantime in new Smyrna beach, police are adding more officers along Flagler Avenue for spring break than in years past. The city recently passed a youth curfew which bans anyone under 18 years old from being out after 11 p.m. without a parent.

“Last year was the first time they scheduled all of those spring breakers together, so I think a lot of this has to do with there being too many kids,” Interim Police Chief Eric Feldman said

The Flagler Beach Police Department has also stated it’s increasing staffing during spring break.

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