Daytona Beach residents wonder where speed bumps went after child injured in hit-and-run

Kenyatta Henry faces charge of hit-and-run resulting in serious bodily injury

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – A 2-year-old girl is still recovering after Daytona Beach police said she was injured in a hit-and-run on Tuesday.

Police said the driver took off after hitting her, but was later caught. Now, residents on the road where the child was hit feel the city has neglected to put an important safety feature in that could have stopped all of this.

There are signs that read “SPEED HUMP 10 MPH” on Forest Lane, but when you drive down the road, you’ll notice there are no speed humps.

“Every time a car comes up the street and turns that corner, it’s flying and going so fast,” said resident Bertha Hogan.

The residents told News 6 they’re used to watching cars fly by.

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“They come from Mason and they do 100 down here, and they come from here and do 100 down here, and you really have to pay attention or you will get hit,” Carmen Washington said.

On Tuesday, police said Elaya Richardson was hit in the road by Kenyatta Henry, who didn’t stop after he hit her. Henry, 23, a relative of Daytona Beach Mayor Derrick Henry, was later arrested.

The child’s uncle said she was chasing after her dad across the street when Henry turned onto the road.

Henry is now charged with hit and run with serious bodily injury being held in the jail without bond.

“He was flying down the road. If he hadn’t been flying, he wouldn’t have hit her,” said the uncle, Charlie Collins.

The Forest Lane residents said the city repaved the road almost a year ago but never put the speed humps back in despite putting the signs up.

“The speed bumps were there prior to paving. When the road was paved last year, the speed bumps were removed. If they are being requested again, the city surveys the residents on the street. If more than 50% want them, the speed bumps are reinstalled.”

City of Daytona Beach

“I don’t understand where they went or why they went away,” Washington said.

They said they have been worried an accident would happen.

“The house over there has children, the house right there has children, so there are a lot of children on the street now,” Hogan said.

The residents pray city leaders hear their concerns before another accident happens.

“We shouldn’t have to call you to come and get stuff when we don’t have to call you to pay our bills,” Washington said.

The family of the child said that she is still in the hospital.

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