‘He was a happy baby:’ Family of slain Florida 7-year-old speaks out after death

Cameron Bouie was shot to death by his father on Easter

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – The family of 7-year-old Cameron Bouie spoke to News 6 after he was shot and killed by his own father earlier this month.

His aunt, Sharon Carter said although the pain lingers, she is still holding on to the memories of him that make her smile.

“He was a happy baby,” Carter said. “He come in the room, he could light up the room with that smile.”

Bouie is the son of Lacorvis Daley, who was killed early Easter Sunday morning after engaging in a shootout with Orlando Police.

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Before firing at officers, though, Daley went on a shooting rampage at a home on Grand Street, killing his son Cameron Bouie, his 13-year-old daughter and his girlfriend’s 69-year-old mother.

“It was a shock to me,” Carter said. “You can tell he loved his child. He really loved his child. That’s why it’s really hurtful to know what took place.”

Carter said she was in church on Easter Sunday when she got the unexpected call.

“That’s the day you praise God for his resurrection, and then you get call about this bad news. You know, a lot of people, they will never be the same. Easter will never be the same for them,” Carter said. “It’s very hurtful that we (won’t) be able to see this smile.”

Bouie’s aunt immediately left the church.

“I went to the scene where it took place, and when I went there, I was looking for my nephew,” she said.

Although Carter was informed that Cameron was at the coroner’s office, she was in denial.

“I just couldn’t believe it; I still couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I just didn’t want to accept that he was gone.”

Even though Cameron isn’t here physically, Carter believes he is still trying to comfort the family.

She said her nephew came to her in a dream.

“He hugged me, and told me he loved me, and told me not to cry,” Carter said.

The family plans to bury Cameron next Saturday, but they need financial help from the community. So far, there has been more than $1,000 in donations.

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