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ORLANDO, Fla. – Modern medicine is one of humanity’s greatest achievements.

We’ve been able to cure diseases extend and save lives, and even stop global pandemics.

But conventional medicine such as drugs and surgeries don’t always work or come with painful side effects. That’s why some people turn to alternative treatments — effective therapies that go beyond mainstream medicine.

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Teachers at a Jacksonville school are finding great success with music as a therapy for children with intellectual and developmental differences.

“Music really unlocks a different level to our students,” said Ciaran Sontag, a music teacher at North Florida School of Special Education.

“When you have a student that everyone has told you is nonverbal, they say ‘Oh they’re not going to sing in your class’ and then you sing hello to them they sing it back to you. And you see kind of this look of shock on their teacher’s face and you go ‘yeah, that’s what music does for students,’” Sontag said.

Therapies for veterans

When you think of the word therapy, you’re probably picturing an office, a couch, and a therapist with a notebook.

But when it comes to equine therapy, that’s not at all how it looks.

Veterans searching for a happy place have found it in a saddle on a horse.

Equine therapy is available all over the country, not just in Texas. In Florida, Transformations at Mending Fences provides a peaceful place for vets to work with horses and Freedom Ride in Orlando offers therapeutic horseback riding.

While equine therapy has many benefits, there is no definitive cure for post-traumatic stress disorder.

But what if we could heal the part of the brain that is traumatized?

We found a Florida doctor using pressurized oxygen to grow new cells with amazing results.

Dr. Mohammed Elamir with Aviv Clinics in the Villages is using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat traumatic brain injuries by encouraging stem cell growth.

The technology has been around for a long time but is now being used to treat skin infections, long COVID, and even PTSD.

“What hyperbaric oxygen does is delivers 100% oxygen at a higher concentration to different parts of the brain,” Elamir said. “We fluctuate these oxygen levels, and that fluctuation addresses those other two components of brain injury.”

So far, the Food and Drug Administration has only approved hyperbaric oxygen therapy for certain conditions. It’s important to talk to your health care provider before undergoing any treatments.

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