New Orlando immersive art exhibit celebrates Earth 🌎

Family of 4 behind ‘Earth Illuminated’ located on International Drive

'Earth Illuminated' from Blazen Illuminations is an immersive art experience located on International Drive (WKMG)

ORLANDO, Fla. – Immersive art exhibits appear to be becoming more and more popular in Central Florida, but this one invites guests to see Earth in a whole new light.

When first entering the “Earth Illuminated” exhibit, visitors are “transported” into space, so they can look back at our home, Earth.

The exhibit features more than 40 scenes exploring Earth’s atmosphere and creatures.

'Earth Illuminated' features more than 40 scenes showcasing Earth’s atmosphere and creatures (Blazen Illuminations)

“Unlike other art installations or selfie museums, we encourage our guests to take photos from many different perspectives, film TikToks or just sit and take in the atmosphere,” co-founder Heidi Webb said.

She and her husband, Nate, along with their two daughters, Madeline and Mercedes, put together the immersive experience. It was first featured in downtown Denver in Colorado before opening at The Pointe Orlando on International Drive in August.

The Webb Family is behind the exhibit, 'Earth Illuminated' on International Drive (Blazen Illuminations)

The family said they want guests to walk away with a new sense of creativity and joy.

“At Earth Illuminated, we invite you to transport yourself to outer space in our starship Regenesis where we discover an amazing planet called Earth. Then step out of the starship into space and begin to discover this amazing planet from Atmosphere to Ocean, from spiders to butterflies to human kind and everything in-between,” Webb said.

She said the exhibit uses old artful, cinematic, practical, and theatrical techniques and storytelling, inviting guests to be part of the art and part of the story.

'Earth Illuminated' invites guests to see earth in a whole new light (Blazen Illuminations)

“Most immersive exhibits present artwork to be viewed, but do not call the guest to be a part of the art or their story. We not only surround you with the art, but we offer a transformative experience where each guest can suspend their disbelief and fully participate as a part of the artful story.” Webb said.

The exhibit will be around until June 2024. Tickets start at $35. You can reserve your spot here.

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