Port Orange residents frustrated after neighborhood continues to flood

Neighborhood behind Port Orange Elementary School sees flooding

PORT ORANGE, Fla. – People who live in one neighborhood in Port Orange say they have dealt with repeated flooding and they hope to find a solution.

Most of the homes on Virginia Avenue flooded during Hurricane Ian, and over the weekend there was so much rain they thought it might happen again.

One of our News 6 viewers called us with her concerns, and when we visited the area Monday afternoon, we met many neighbors who also shared their fears with us.

“The flashbacks of having the flooding, and all of that going through our homes is pretty scary,” Jeremy Richards said.

Jeremy Richard showed our crew the repairs he’ still working on one year after Ian.

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“Basically, I put in pressure-treated wood that can be removed, so if we ever have to pull off baseboards again, we can actually pull those pressure-treated wood off and dry everything out,” Richards said.

Ashley Williams captured video on her cell phone Saturday as the water crept closer to her home.

“The whole back porch was flooded,” Williams said.

When there’s enough rain in this neighborhood tucked behind Port Orange Elementary School, the water sits stagnant.

“I don’t know if the water has anywhere to go,” Williams said.

Neighbors say they don’t know what the problem is, but they hope to find answers.

Richard questions new developments and a lack of drainage in the area.

“When we first initially moved here there was all woods across the street,” Richards said. “Things didn’t seem to sit still as much.”

He also wants to know where the water should be going, and if there’s a solution that will get results.

“We’ve seen a significant amount of standing water that doesn’t seem to want to go away that’s gotten worse.”

News 6 reached out to the City of Port Orange to ask for their insight. A spokesperson said they would look into it.

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