What does Georgia’s governor have against Florida? We don’t want your gangs

Gov. Brian Kemp to gang members: Move to Florida

(AP photo/Evan Vucci)

ORLANDO, Fla. – During several recent public speaking events, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp has said gang members aren’t welcome in his state and should move. That’s all well and good but his recommendation that they move to Florida seems a little rash because we don’t want them either.

On Wednesday, Kemp was addressing a crowd in Savannah when he started speaking about crime and gang violence.

“My message to any gang member in this area or anywhere in the state of Georgia, you should move to Florida or South Carolina," Kemp told the crowd, reports WJCL.

The night prior, he made similar comments, telling gang members “to move to Alabama or Florida,” according to WJCL.

Before this gets out of hand, let’s call a truce. Kemp, don’t send Florida your criminals and we won’t send up a congregation of alligators and Florida man. Sound good?

Click here to view Kemp’s remarks in full.

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