Ep. 110: Florida Foodie -- Loggerhead Distillery

Sanford distillery embraces buy-local movement

ORLANDO, Fla. – The buy-local movement is having a big impact on our food.

More and more, people are looking to homegrown operations to get produce, meat and even their beer and liquor.

A distillery in Sanford just opened up and the guys behind it are really taking the buy-local movement to heart.

Loggerhead Distillery is working to buy as much of its ingredients from Florida growers and suppliers as it can.

The distillery is also working with other businesses in Sanford, turning its operation into a community building effort.

On this episode of Florida Foodie, Candace Campos and Lisa Bell talk with the masterminds behind Loggerhead, Colby Theisen and Chris Schmitt.

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