Tap water vs. bottled: Which is better to drink?

Many people like to go to the grocery store and buy gallons and bottles of water, all in an attempt to keep from drinking their own water.

Many people make trips to the grocery store to buy gallons of bottled water, all in an attempt to keep from drinking what they get from their own faucets.

Carter Burks, who has studied water since the mid-1990s, said bottled water can be more expensive, and it’s unnecessary.

Burks, who is the founder and CEO of Carter Water, said one of the biggest concerns is: Who knows what’s in it?

“I’ve gone to any grocery store out there. You’ll see the cases of water just sitting out there on the concrete … in the sunlight … for days, and the sun’s just baking it. That’s bacteria growth right there,” he said.

You might already be thinking, what about the water from my fancy refrigerator?

“The carbon in those filters are very low end, and if you really want those to work, you’re going to have to change those out like, every two months -- three months, at most -- because of the water quality that’s going into them.”

Burks said Carter Water can test the water in your home to see what’s in it, and then give you options for what suits your needs best.

“We’ll put something on your main water line to your house and treat all the water in your home,” he said, adding that it’s safer and cheaper to invest in a water treatment system.

Burks discusses what the difference is in cost when considering bottled water versus a treatment system, along with other concerns about water, specifically in Florida.

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