Sonic Prep Player of the Week: Freedom High School Girls Wrestling Team

Team won 1st ever sanctioned state championship for girls wrestling

ORLANDO, Fla. – A Central Florida high school girls wrestling team made history.

Orlando’s Freedom High School girls wrestling team recently won the first-ever sanctioned state championships for girls wrestling. This competition was years in the making, and the team came through while making history.

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Seniors Rachel Ferreter and Kailey Rees began this journey as freshmen. They worked hard to get girls wrestling a seat at the table. Now that they have one, they only see good things moving forward for young girls aspiring to become young wrestlers.

“It’s official now,” Ferreter said. “They can see it, and they can see it alongside the boys. I think the fact that it’s more organized helps make it more fair for everybody.”

Rees echoed the same mindset and pride that girls wrestling now has a state championship.

“For girls here in the state of Florida to see us wrestling side by side with the boys, it really puts into perspective that we’re getting to the point where we’re equal for wrestling,” she said.

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