Boy gets surprise trip to Disney after spending vacation money to feed hurricane evacuees

Disney delivers news to boy on birthday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Remember the heartwarming story of the 6-year-old boy who spent his Disney vacation money to feed Hurricane Dorian evacuees?

Well, Disney surprised him and his family with a VIP getaway to Walt Disney World later this month.

Jermaine had saved up his vacation money for a year, but when hurricane evacuees were passing through the South Carolina town where he was staying with his grandmother, the generous boy had another plan. 

He used his money to open a hot dog stand to give those in need free food.

Jermaine found out about his surprise Disney trip on Sunday when Mickey Mouse and a group of cast members stopped by to surprise him while celebrating his seventh birthday. 

Disney officials posted a video of the surprise to YouTube and the video description said, "Six-year-old Jermaine Bell of Jacksonville, Fla., spent more than a year saving money for an upcoming birthday trip to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. However, hurricane Dorian changed Jermaine's plans in a big way. Millions of people have since been inspired by the story of this little boy's selfless act of compassion."

"Be strong and if you do good things you will be rewarded," Jermaine concluded. 



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