SeaWorld Orlando begins all-new Dolphin Adventures show

New experience presented at Dolphin Theater

Dolphin Adventures begins at SeaWorld Orlando (Landon McReynolds, McReynolds)

ORLANDO, Fla. – SeaWorld Orlando now has another place to learn about the bottlenose dolphin.

Over the weekend, the all-new educational-based show, Dolphin Adventures, opened at Dolphin Theater.

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The new presentation allows guests to hear about the mammal’s natural behaviors, traits, interesting facts and biggest threats in the wild.

Dolphin Adventures at SeaWorld Orlando (McReynolds)

“Smart, playful, and found right off the coast of Florida, bottlenose dolphins are well-known ocean ambassadors here at SeaWorld. But there’s much more to their story, as you’ll discover in this fascinating new presentation at Dolphin Theater,” officials described. “Experience every thrilling moment and take away inspiring insights about caring for our natural world, only at Dolphin Adventures.”

The show is filled with new high-energy music and guest interaction throughout.

Dolphin Theater has since received a refreshed look for the new experience.

Outside Dolphin Stadium at SeaWorld Orlando (McReynolds)

As guests make their way up into the stadium they will see new signage, fact boards along the pathway and an all-new look to the stage.

Dolphin Adventures at SeaWorld Orlando (McReynolds)

Up until this point, Dolphin Theater was using the former stage and sets for the Blue Horizons dolphin show, which closed to guests in 2017.

The educational show Dolphin Days, which premiered after Blue Horizons, was using the theater up until it closed last month.

The new stage is somewhat simple, using a coastal rockwork look with some palm trees in the middle.

The new look also provides transparency, allowing guests to see the pools located at the stadium, as well as see animal trainers interacting and providing care to the dolphins near the back.

Dolphin Adventures stage at SeaWorld Orlando (McReynolds)

Dolphin Adventures runs daily at SeaWorld Orlando.

Guests can find showtimes on the SeaWorld Orlando app or outside Dolphin Theater.

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