Orlando concert promoter Norsekorea Presents retires after 10 years with farewell show at Will's Pub on Saturday

click to enlarge Photo courtesy of NorsekoreaNorsekorea Presentsclick to enlarge Kyle RakerNorsekorea's Kyle Rakerclick to enlarge Rob BartlettNorskorea's Kyle Raker and Bradley RyanJames HandNorsekorea's Kyle RakerSadly, this week marks the retirement of a long-trusted Orlando concert organizer. After 10 years of solid, culture-shaping work,is hanging it up. And, unfortunately, it’s a loss that’ll lower our scene’s average.In a concert promotion spectrum bookended by strictly-business corporate giants on one side and undistinguished pretenders on the other, the true pulse of music scenes is measured by the curated passion, grind and taste of independent promoters like Norsekorea.Their spark shined right out of the gate, leading me to write a cover story on them nine years ago when foundersandwere just promising upstarts.After Ryan relocated, Raker carried on the Norsekorea torch to continued distinction with bookings of good, current touring bands and some of the best local acts of the last decade. Now, however, he’s finally exiting the ride with Norsekorea as one of the city’s most reliable booking names.But before he off and retires to a life of less stress, money loss and people hitting him up for guest list, Kyle’s got a swan song planned for this Saturday, Jan. 23.Just three days shy of the anniversary of Norsekorea’s first official show back in 2011, this farewell show will serve double duty as both a 10-year celebration show and a finale.The lineup packs the doom-thick post-metal ofthe full-throttle hardcore ofand the comedy stylingsThe free, limited-capacity show will be atas well as broadcast online through Facebook Live.Thanks for your service to our scene, Kyle.If you go out, respect everyone’s distance, for all our sakes.