Ask Trooper Steve: Can you remove a second license plate when traveling out of state?

Viewer’s question answered in this week’s Ask Trooper Steve

ORLANDO, Fla. – Orlando asked:

“I come from a two license plate state, can I remove the front plate when out of state?”

This question had me scratching my head a little bit because I really couldn’t understand why someone would want to take off one of their license plates while traveling but hey, I’ll just answer the question.

Let’s take the state of Texas for example. In Texas you are required to have a front and rear license plate, but not all states are the same. What one thing is required throughout the entire country is no matter what you better have a license plate on the rear of your vehicle.

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Here in the state of Florida we do not require you to have two license plates however you are required to have a rear license plate on your vehicle. That being said if you were from Texas and only had a rear license plate on your car here in the state of Florida then you’d be perfectly fine.

Now let’s Turn it around the other way.

If you happen to be in Texas with your Florida registered vehicle the same thing would apply in Texas. You might catch the eye of a Texas lawman but Texas would not give you too hard of a time once they see that you’re from Florida.

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