What the Honk: Central Florida drivers cross the line

ORLANDO, Fla. – The images you’re about to see may cause raised eyebrows, slight questioning of human education and a wondering of where some drivers tested for their license. Viewer discretion is advised.

Wednesday is always a great time to see the most questionable driving habits of some of our very best Central Florida drivers.

Let’s start off today’s What the Honk? with a viewer complaint, shall we?

A viewer from Brevard County submitted the first image from the Melbourne area. The email goes onto say how drivers in Orange County need to use their turning signals in Brevard County and stay out of the crosswalk. Can’t help but think I’m encouraging some of you to be more aware of violations out there and I’m totally ok with that. For those curious, the bottom the license plate said Orange, don’t give yourself away if you’re not that good of a driver.

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Workout anyone? Not sure if the one green strap does the trick for these picker’s findings. From the bow flex to the assortment of tables, maybe you need a fan, they’ve got it all. But listen you need to have your equipment secured when traveling down the road. Orange Blossom Trail has enough issues, we don’t need to be dodging microwaves also. I recommend this driver play a few games of Tetris next time before loading the truck up.

From one packed rear to another, I’m a little confused at the moment with this photo. Submitted out of the Gainesville area this Hyundai is well, unique. They went out of the way to ensure that their tag is visible, scribbled in the green there.

This tells me the garden attached to the back of the vehicle might just be a long term situation. The rear window is concerning. I understand everyone has an explanation for their situation but this is pretty dangerous. Not only is your rearview completely obstructed but what happens when all that stuff goes flying everywhere. The HONKS are everywhere on this one.

I want to share the things you’re seeing. Keep your passenger pictures or dash camera videos coming and send them to me over at clickorlando.com/whatthehonk or you can email them to me at asktroopersteve@wkmg.com.

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