Is it legal to blow grass clippings onto the road? Trooper Steve has the answer

Trooper Steve answers viewer questions

Ask Trooper Steve: Can you legally blow grass clippings onto road?
Ask Trooper Steve: Can you legally blow grass clippings onto road?

ORLANDO, Fla. – News 6 traffic safety expert Trooper Steve Montiero answers viewer questions and shares tips about the rules of the road, helping Central Florida residents become better drivers by being better educated.

The most recent question asked of Trooper Steve as, “Is it illegal to blow my grass clippings onto the road?”

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“This is such a Florida question and I love it,” Trooper Steve said. “As a kid, I was told all the time, ‘Don’t blow the grass onto the road or you’re going to get in trouble by the police.’ It was a good way for my mom to make sure that the yard was nice and clean all the time."

But during his time in law enforcement, Trooper Steve said he’s never heard of anyone getting a ticket for specifically failing to pick up their yard clippings.

“State law does not address the act of mowing your yard and letting the clippings go into the street,” he said. “But, obviously, this is not the right thing to do and, depending on the amount of waste thrown into the road, other tickets could be written. Littering and causing a roadway obstruction are just some of the few.”

Trooper Steve said the biggest issue is the danger associated with it.

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“Grass is a slippery substance and, whether dry or wet, could cause traction issues for people who are operating a motorcycle or a bicycle,” he said. “You are the one causing this mess, so why not be the one who cleans it up?”

Although state law may not list it as a violation, city, county or community rules might.

“Some local cities do have ordinances in effect for this action,” Trooper Steve said. “Meaning that although there is no state law, your local code enforcement could issue a citation if such a rule exists.”

For example, blowing yard waste into roadways in Orange County is a violation of county code.

Also, be aware of your HOA rules.

“If you live in a community that is governed by an HOA, you know how they can be,” he said. “Take a look over your HOA rules to see what’s on the list.”

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