TROPICAL UPDATE: Tropical waves develop off African coast

No development expected in the next five days


ORLANDO, Fla – The tropics, for the most part, remain fairly quiet, but thunderstorm activity across the tropical Atlantic has ramped up. Still, the National Hurricane Center is expecting NO tropical development over the next five days.

Development is NOT anticipated at this time due to a very dry atmosphere out ahead of these waves.


Beyond the five day period and into the first week of August is when these waves coming off of Africa could try to perk up.

As we move into August, the areas closely monitored for tropical development begins to expand west toward Africa.


The Cape Verde season tends to get underway later in August in September. This is when thunderstorm activity off the coast of Africa increases and moves into the Atlantic. The Cape Verde archipelago sits just offshore of Africa and is why those storms are often referred to as Cape Verde storms.

Now is a good time to download the Pinpoint weather and hurricane apps, while the tropics are relatively quiet.

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