Central Florida seeing the coldest temperatures in more than 300 days

Region sees frosty mornings, near freezing temperatures

Frost (WDIV)

ORLANDO, Fla. – After months of hot weather, Central Florida started December on a cold and frosty start.

Many areas across the area woke up Tuesday to temperatures well below average in the mid to lower 40s.

But it was the second of December that frosted over many neighborhood roofs and windshields.

Check out how cold some spots got Wednesday morning.

Looking back at climate reports, the last time we saw temperatures this chilly in Central Florida was back on Jan. 22.

315 days

The combination of cold temperatures and some humidity in the air caused many Central Floridians to wake up to frost on their lawn, roofs and windshields.

Frost usually can be found on cold objects such as cars and plants. These outdoor surfaces tend to be places where morning moisture builds up and then is able to freeze over.

Did you have to scrape frost off your windshield? Send us your frosty photos by clicking here.

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