Forecasting Change: The dog days are getting hotter

Tips to keep your pets safe in the heat

Safety tips

ORLANDO, Fla. – It’s that time of year when our average summer high temperatures reach their peak.

The phrase “dog days of summer” dates to the time of the ancient Roman Empire. It relates to the days of the summer when the sun rises and sets with the star Sirius, the dog star, the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major.

Here in Orlando, our summer dog days have been getting hotter and more frequent. Check out the graphic below that shows an increase in warm to hot days over the last 50 years.

Days at or above 77 degrees

While 77 might not seem too hot to you, think of what that can do to asphalt. When you are walking your dog, you can easily burn tender paws.

No one likes to think about an 87-degree day pushing the road surface to 143 degrees, but that is exactly what happens on a warm sunny day.

Air temperatures to asphalt temperatures

You already know not to ever leave a dog or a child in a car. Not even if “you are coming right back.”

On a sunny day with an 85-degree temperature, the inside of a car can jump to 102 degrees, even if the window is left slightly open.

Here are some commonsense things to keep in mind when the “dog days of summer” affect your dog.

Safety tips

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