Is the colder season underway in Central Florida?

Here’s when to expect temperatures to dip below 50

StormPins user justinjones said he made a small snowman out of frost on top of a gas pump at work. Now that's a Florida-sized snowman!

ORLANDO, Fla. – Although Central Florida doesn’t experience the typical seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall, we do have slight changes throughout the year.

The most noticeable two seasons Florida sees is the switch over between wet and dry season. On average, we transition into the dry season by mid-October and then back to wet season by late May.

Along with these obvious changes in our weather pattern, there is another small season that many Floridians look forward to after a long hot summer. And that is the cold and colder seasons.

The criteria between the cold and colder seasons are dependent on the overnight lows. When the cool season begins, our chances for nighttime lows dip below 60 degrees. The next tier is the “colder” season when overnight lows dip below 50 degrees.

Criteria for Colder season in Central Florida

This season tends to begin the first week of November for areas like Sanford, Orlando and Daytona Beach. Melbourne has a slightly later start on Nov. 10.

Average start dates for colder season in Central Florida

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