CRAZY VIDEO: Texas tornado flips, spins truck but driver keeps on going

Severe weather batters multiple cities in Texas

Tornado flips, spins pickup truck but driver keeps on going

Harsh winds and pounding rain ripped through a north Texas town Monday afternoon, flattening homes and damaging the small town’s elementary and high schools.

Throughout much of the state, Texans are cleaning up after severe weather barreled through multiple cities.

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In Elgin, Texas, a pickup truck was flipped as a suspected tornado swept through the area. In the video, it appears the truck continues driving after being flipped.

Twisted aluminum and splintered wood are what’s left of some home further north in Jacksboro.

Daniel Hall, a resident of Jacksboro said, “Wasn’t ever expecting this. Not once. Jacksboro never has a tornado.”

In Round Rock, just outside Austin, powerful winds hurled a van onto its side.

“There was a tornado right outside my window, coming right for the van. So, I grabbed my stuff as fast as I could,” said Liz Creason. “I sprinted inside and within seconds the tornado was tearing through this parking lot.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott offered the state’s help as people begin to rebuild.

“We know that you have faced a devastating storm. We know there are many people whose lives have been completely disrupted and people who have lost their homes,” Abbott said.

As the extreme weather heads east, parts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are now under severe storm warnings.