Should I be concerned about my pipes in the Florida freeze?

Problems with exposed pipes occur with freezing temperatures present for 6 hours or more

A dripping faucet stock photo (Pixabay,

ORLANDO, Fla. – The blast of Arctic air poised to move into Central Florida on Friday will cause problems.

The main issue will be with crops and plants that are sensitive to the cold weather. The other issue, however, will be frozen pipes.

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The highest chance for pipes to freeze will occur with those that are exposed and outdoors. Temperatures also typically needed to be below freezing for six or more hours to cause issues.

The highest chance for these conditions will be north of Orlando, where a hard freeze watch is in effect.

Hard freeze watch

These are the most likely areas where temperatures will dip into the mid- to upper 20s and how many hours the temps will stay below freezing.

Hours below freezing

If you are afraid of your outdoor pipes freezing, you can insulate them or leave a slow trickle to prevent them from freezing. The stream of water should be about the width of a pencil.

Indoor pipes should be fine, but if you are concerned, keep the water running as a slow trickle as well. Opening up your sink cabinets will also allow the warmer air of your house to keep the pipes a little warmer.

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