Orlando Pride Parade honors Pulse victims, survivors

This year's pride festivities bring new meaning

ORLANDO, Fla. – The crowd cheered as the Pulse nightclub float passed by with many taking a moment to remember what happened exactly five months ago Saturday.

"It's emotional. It's wonderful. They are not going to forget and that's what we want. That they never be forgotten," Mayra Alvear said.

Alvear lost her daughter, Amanda, and her friend, Mercedez, that night. She said she was impressed with the float and especially loved the angel decorations. They flew high above and represented the 49 lives taken.

Survivor Orlando Torres helped put the float together. He said it's been a bittersweet day, but he's glad to have the support of everyone around him.

"We're here to support and have a great time in their name," Torres said. "I'm sure they would have been here, too, had this not happened, and be just as excited and spreading the love and not the hate."