You need to wrap your turkey in bacon this Thanksgiving

Bacon makes everything better, including Thanksgiving

Photos via Pexels.
Photos via Pexels.

Thanksgiving is without a doubt the best holiday to stuff your face with delicious food, but eating turkey cooked the same way every year can get a tad boring, which is why you need to try wrapping your turkey in bacon this year.

Turkey and bacon is a classic combination, so it's no surprise that the people at Delish created this mouth-watering recipe.

You'll start this recipe like you would if you were cooking the turkey in the oven the normal way, including stuffing the cavity with onions, thyme and anything else you want to add. The bacon comes in once the turkey is nice and seasoned.

You could just lay the strips of bacon over the turkey, but for a more festive look, Delish recommends weaving the strips of bacon to make a pleasing design.

All you have to do is put that big old bird in the oven for three hours (you'll want to check it a few times to make sure the bacon isn't burning) and you are all set.

You can get the full recipe here. Happy turkey day, y’all!

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