Krispy Kreme offers free doughnuts on April Fools' Day

Chain celebrates Doughnut Harvest on 4/1


MIAMI – It's always risky to talk about free doughnuts on April Fools' Day, but Krispy Kreme promises their offer is no joke.

The popular chain is giving away free doughnuts on April 1.

The offer isn't to celebrate a day of pranks, but to honor the annual Doughnut Harvest, which is a "thing."  

Or a made up "thing."

According to the company's website, the Doughnut Harvest "yields hundreds of thousands of doughnettes - each one carefully nurtered from a doughnut seedling, then individually selected by our master doughnut growers at the peak of freshness."

Okay, so the description is kind of ridiculous, but who cares when free doughnuts are at stake.

So head into your local Krispy Kreme location on April 1 to grab one free Original Glazed doughnut.  

Just make sure to nod your head and pretend to care about the Doughnut Harvest.