Will you make a child’s day a little brighter? With just a few clicks, you can send a valentine to a kid in the hospital

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day!

A patient and mother reads to her daughter. (Photo provided by Children’s Hospital Los Angeles)

Let’s all drop what we’re doing for just a few minutes and take some time for a good deed: One that will make a child smile.

Think for a second about the children across the country who are sick, who might not get a chance to swap Valentine’s Day cards with fellow classmates.

There are a number of hospitals across the country that will let you send valentines to their patients as Feb. 14 draws nearer.

The process is free, all done online, and it truly doesn’t take long.

Here are some hospitals that are participating this year, and instructions on how to send an e-card:

Children’s Health -- Dallas, Texas

1.) Go to this website.

2.) Choose your card.

3.) Personalize your message.

4.) Sign your card.

C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital (University of Michigan Health)

1.) Go to this website.

2.) Choose your Valentine design.

3.) Complete the form.

Want to see why sending cards like this can really make a difference?

Here’s a video that can help explain.

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

1.) Go to this website.

2.) Choose your card.

3.) Add a note.

Isn’t this awesome? For every card sent by Feb. 12, $1 will be donated to the hospital, up to $25,000, thanks to an anonymous donor.

“Send your card today and we’ll print and hand-deliver it, along with fun goody bags, as part of our Valentine’s Day festivities,” the hospital said.

Boston Children’s Hospital

1.) Go to this website.

2.) Select your valentine.

3.) Sign it!

Another cool thing: “This year, if we reach our goal of 10,000 valentines, The William P. and Bella Cohen Family Foundation will send a stuffed animal to every patient at Boston Children’s Hospital,” a hospital spokeswoman said.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital

1.) Go to this website.

2.) Choose your message.

3.) Fill out your name and email address.

Here’s how it works in Phoenix: “Together, we can again help each and every hospitalized patient receive a special card featuring patient artwork this Valentine’s Day. ... Your name will be added to a valentine and delivered to a patient in the hospital.”

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

1.) Go to this website.

2.) Fill out your information.

3.) Pick a card.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

1.) Go to this website.

2.) Choose a valentine.

3.) Add a message.

Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital

1.) Go to this website.

2.) If you donate $25 or more to the hospital, you’re able to pick a card and fill out a message.

3.) You do have to enter more details considering billing information is required.

How to write an appropriate card or message

Many of the hospitals provided notes or tips on things to keep in mind. We thought we’d share a few of those:

  • Due to volume, most, if not all, health facilities said they could not deliver cards to specific patients.
  • These cards will go to families of all different faiths and backgrounds, therefore, you might want to avoid religious references.
  • We recommend you do not use phrases such as “I hope you feel better” or “get well soon.” (What might be intended as a nice wish might not be received well for terminally ill patients or their families).
  • For patients’ safety, most hospitals can only accept digital messages; no physical or handmade cards can be distributed.

We’ll leave you with one more of those cute videos:

Otherwise, let’s get to sending, shall we?

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