Share with us your favorite nature photos for Earth Day

Sunsets, sunrises and beautiful scenery -- we want it all!

The Rocky Mountains of Colorado.
The Rocky Mountains of Colorado. (Jack Roskopp)

Earth -- isn’t it a great place to live?

That’s why we have Earth Day, so we can preserve this wonderful planet for generations to come.

Educating yourself on recycling, learning how to be more green or planting a tree in your community are great action items and ways to get started.

Another way to celebrate Earth Day is to admire what an already incredible place planet Earth is.

Why not share a photo showing our planet’s beauty?

It can be a sunset, sunrise, a mountain range, a breathtaking lake or a luscious forest. We just want to see the beauty and gorgeousness that is planet Earth.

You can submit a photo below -- and make sure you share where your photo was taken. With enough photos submitted, it will be like a virtual tour of majestic spots across Earth. How cool will that be?

We’ll also create a slideshow video of all the gorgeous photos, so be on the look out for that, too!

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