What does it mean when I fall in my dreams? News 6+ decodes your dreams

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ORLANDO, Fla. – Most of us have been there: You have a dream and you wake up struck by how real it felt. But why did you have that dream?

An Orlando-based mental health counselor says he is helping people figure it out all, while at the same time improving their mental and physical health.

Jesse Lyon describes himself as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Dream Interpreter who helps people work through the trauma they face in their day-to-day life by analyzing the dreams they have at night.

“One of the symptoms of trauma are post-traumatic nightmares, and so helping people learn what those nightmares are, trying to teach them and really helping them unlock their mental health through the messages from their mind, is what I am all about,” Lyon said.

He says while there are naysayers, there’s also a lot of research to support what he does.

“The research is just astounding -- how many research articles, how many scientific papers have been written about dreams and their connection with mental health,” Lyon said.

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He also says there are a lot of myths surrounding dreams.

“The falling and hitting the ground -- big myth -- it’s not going to hurt you, but there is some really great research behind it. What we have researched and found is two things: there can be kind of a physical interpretation and an emotional interpretation,” Lyon said.

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He says the emotional side can be attached to us feeling like we have not reached our goals, but the physical ones may happen because you are experiencing a blood sugar drop.

If you think you don’t have dreams, Lyon says you actually do, you just may have forgotten them by the time you open your eyes.

“Everyone dreams. The research is very conclusive,” Lyon said.

“Every time you go to sleep you go through many phases of sleep -- in each of those, you have dreams. Those dreams can be different based on the phase, but everybody dreams. The big problem, though, is that many people don’t remember their dreams when they wake up, so it’s a memory issue not a dreaming or not dreaming issue,” Lyon said.

Lyon says he has found a lot of success with his message on TikTok and through his website.

You can hear more from Lyon as he discusses his business and future plans on Florida’s Fourth Estate. The podcast can be downloaded from wherever you listen to podcasts.

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