Watch these cops hilariously rescue a cute little pig on the side of the road

It’s not every day that a police officer is asked to rescue a cute little pig from the side of the road, but that happened to these officers.

State troopers from Ohio were tasked with the very difficult task, and luckily for us, body cam footage captured the wild pig capture.

As you can see when you watch the video above, the troopers have somewhat of a difficult time trying to wrangle the pig into their arms. After a few tries, the little pig gives up and lets the officials capture it.

The best part of the entire thing is hearing one of the troopers ask the other, “now what?” once they have custody of the little pig. Those are my thoughts exactly! Is this a wild pig? Did it escape from a farm? Or worse...a slaughter house?

Fortunately, Ohio State Highway Patrol posted on Facebook that the pig, which they adorably named Pearl, DIDN’T make it to the market” and had come “to a safe end.”

Thank goodness! Apparently, Pearl was taken to a local humane society where they found her a new home to live out her days,” the OSHP said.

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