Veteran’s Voice: US Army SPC - E-4 Tony Busby

A veteran shares his voice with Central Florida

ORLANDO. Fla. – Tony grew up in a very poor family in Western Massachusetts.

His family struggled often with drug addiction. Seeing the struggles his mother, father and brother were going through at 16, Tony decided he didn’t want to end up like them.

After talking with recruiters and working on a plan, Tony was able to finish school and then get into the military.

In 2004, Tony was deployed “in country.” He recounts the stories of the best times of his life enjoying meeting and serving with great people from around the US. But also the worst times of his life surviving firefights and over a dozen roadside bombs.

Tony was wounded after a rocket attack while loading Humvees and equipment onto the back of some flatbed trucks. What happens next and some fudged numbers sets him on a whole new path right here in Florida.