To deal with chicken sandwich mania, Popeyes to hire more staff

Chicken sandwich could make return in early Nov., company says

After chicken sandwich mania broke out at Popeyes, the fast-food chain is ready to bring back the popular item, but not without reinforcements.

Sun Holdings, Inc., a company that operates around 150 Popeyes locations, will bring back the sold-out chicken sandwich in early November, according to Bloomberg.

To help with the hysteria and long lines, the company told Bloomberg it is hiring an additional 400 employees and could dedicate up to two people at each location just to make the popular menu item. 

When the item made its debut in August, the popularity of the sandwich became a headache for​​​​​​ Popeyes' employees because stores couldn’t keep up with the demand. 

If you didn’t get a chance to try the chicken sandwich, maybe this go-around you’ll be waiting in a shorter line. 

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