STEM Club uses superheroes to learn about science

Orlando Science Center offers club at 3 Orange County schools

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ORLANDO, Fla. – Superheroes and science unite during lessons at Orange County schools to help students learn.

The Orlando Science Center has teamed up with Orange County Public Schools to offer an Afterschool STEM Club at three elementary schools.

The lessons are held twice per week, for nine weeks, at Audubon Park K-8, Hillcrest Elementary and Baldwin Park Elementary.

In short, the club combines hands-on science with pop culture favorites.

Kathleen Chung, school services coordinator for the Orlando Science Center, said a recent lesson taught students about structural engineering.

"This superhero has the ability to manipulate waves, so she can manipulate sound waves to push her enemies away. She can manipulate waves in the ground to create earthquakes, hence the name 'Quake,'" Chung said.

Latina Nickelson, afterschool manager for the Science Center, said parents should encourage their children to join the club, even if they're not "science-minded."

"We make sure that it's hands-on. We make sure they get an understanding of the concepts, and so it's important to have you children enrolled in an aftershool program that supports their learning and is fun and allows them the opportunity to be children," she said.

Nickelson said the lessons are unique.

"We get to blow up things. We get to explain things. Things shake. We do different colors. We do all kinds of things in sciences, and we do it in a way that makes things fun and a very good end to their school day," Nickelson said.

The next session of the Afterschool STEM Club starts Jan. 7.


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