Researchers working to develop vaccine to prevent canine cancer

Clinical trial is largest of its kind


FORT COLLINS, Colo. – Researchers are working with hundreds of dogs in trials for a vaccine that could prevent canine cancer and lead to a similar trial for humans.

“It could quite possibly prevent cancer in my dog, in other people's dogs and maybe, perhaps, in humans,” Stephanie Foster said. 

Foster’s dog, Fraser, is one of the first animals to qualify for the clinical trial at Colorado State University.

"He goes into the room, they pet him, they give him treats, give him his shot and we're on our way,” Foster said. 

She said she signed up for the trial because cancer has been a big part of her life. Seven years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her 5-year-old Labrador named Maple was also diagnosed with lymphoma. 

"For her to get sick and pass away nine months later, it devastated us,” Foster said. 

The clinical trail is the largest of its kind for canine cancer and could one day help develop a preventative vaccine for humans. 

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