Getting Results Expo 2018 vendor resources

WKMG-TV holds event at Altamonte Mall


Vendor Information

The News 6 logistics team is here to assist you for all your expo needs. The logistics team will be in close contact with you as we approach the expo, to make sure that all your questions have been answered and that you are prepared for the expo. Please don't hesitate to call us or email us with any questions! 

Exhibitor Guide

WKMG Expo Exhibitor Guide
Altamonte Mall August 4th 10AM - 4PM
451 E Altamonte Drive
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
Unloading and Parking

All Exhibitors must check in with an expo manager to receive their exhibit location. Registration takes place Saturday morning, 8AM - 10AM.

All displays, materials and exhibition personnel must enter at Dock 3, adjacent to Macy’s. Event signage will be present at vendor entrance.

(Marked on map at end of exhibitor guide)

  • Registration table is located at vendor load in entrance.
  • Exhibitors may park behind the green line in the general Mall parking once offloaded

Set Up, Exhibition, Overnight, and Breakdown

All exhibitors must complete check in and set up by 10AM on August 4th. Check in times are as follows:
● Midsize to Large Displays: Exceptions to the standard 6ft table with two chairs/backdrops / require laborious set up / require more material than can be wheeled in ONE small cart can be moved in Friday night, August 3rd, 10PM with prior approval.
● Small Displays: Exhibits that can be hand carried into the Mall or wheeled in ONE small cart may move in SATURDAY MORNING from 8 - 10AM.

  • Carry displays and materials by hand into the Mall if possible. If you use a dolly, it must have wide rubber wheels only. No other wheels or flatbeds are acceptable.
  • Exhibits must be manned during entire Expo operating hours, August 4th, 2018 10AM - 4PM
  • Valuables left overnight or unattended is at your own risk, and we recommend taking all valuables with you.
  • All displays must be moved out of the Mall after the end of expo, August 4th through Dock 3 entrance and exit.

Assistance: If you need assistance at any time during expo hours, please visit the expo check in table or you may call the expo managers listed on this guide.

Internet Access: WIFI is not available. Due to the high volume of internet usage during the event, we recommend bringing a wireless internet card for more reliable service if you need internet access.

Mall Rules and Regulations: Please familiarize yourself with the Mall’s rules and regulations (included on the second page). Please let us know if anything creates any issues with your display, and we will work with the Mall to resolve it.

Mall Rules and Regulations
1. SET-UP:
A. All displays, materials and exhibition personnel must enter through Dock 3.
Please refer to included map.
Absolutely no material may be moved through the Mall during Mall hours, Monday through Saturday, 10AM - 9PM and on Sunday, 12PM - 6PM
B. All merchandise must be hand carried into the Mall; if you use a dolly or flat bed, it must have wide rubber wheels only. No other wheels are acceptable as they may cause damage to the floors. Exhibitor will be back charged for any damage.
C. All displays must be moved into the Mall on Saturday, August 4th between 8 - 10AM.
Set-up must be completed by 10AM SATURDAY MORNING when the Mall opens to the public.
D. DO NOT leave the Mall doors open or force them to remain open with wood chips, cement, or some other foreign matter.
E. No Exhibitor shall move any planter, Mall sign, or any other Mall fixture from its exact location in the Mall.


All labor and equipment such as flat beds must be provided by Exhibitor for set-up and tear-down including extension cords and cord covers.


All storage areas throughout the Mall are “OFF LIMITS” to non-personnel.


A. All displays must be at least 12 feet from any store-front and no display materials can exceed a 6 foot maximum height and a 3' wing (only in designated areas).
B. Exhibits must not obstruct the walkways or obstruct any store-front.
C. No vendor space can exceed 6’x8', (only in designated areas and approved by News 6).
D. All tables will have table covering to the floor. Boxes and storage containers must not be visible. (Professional school logo tablecloth ok)
E. No posters, signs, banner, etc., may be affixed with tape, string, glue, wire, nails, etc. to any fixture, railing, wall, store front, Mall entrances or trash cans. In addition, no item can be place on any seating area, in any tree or any column.
F. All heavy objects, such as cement blocks, must have carpet underneath and floor mats or carpeting must be placed under tires.
G. No “bicycle racks” or metal type barriers are permitted in the Mall. Stanchions are the only approved barrier that can be used in the Mall.
H. No alteration or changes can be made to the Shopping Center.
I. Display material and personnel is not to extend beyond your designated display area.
J. All signs must be printed and professional. NO hand-written signs.


Should your exhibit require an electrical outlet, please inform us in advance. All wire must be completely concealed from sight. NO TAPE ALLOWED - use only rubber mats or cord guard. Exhibitors MUST provide his/her own adapters, extension cords, rubber mats, cord-guards. We will do our best to accommodate electrical requests, as electrical outlets are limited in the Mall.


No flammable materials are permitted. If distributing literature, distribution is restricted to your exhibit area only. NO SOLICITING IN THE MALL OUTSIDE OF YOUR DISPLAY AREA AND NO HELIUM BALLOONS or balloons of any kind are permitted in the Mall.


A. Altamonte Mall does provide 24 hours security on patrol in the Mall; however, the Mall will accept no responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged items. Additionally, all entrance doors are locked at 9PM nightly; should you require entry after this time, special arrangements with security can be made through the Special Events Manager.


All displays must be moved from the Mall on Saturday, August 4th after expo close.


Exhibitors, if they wish, may use signs for their displays. However, these signs must be professionally printed. NO HOMEMADE SIGNS will be allowed. Signs must not have sharp edges. No banners are allowed. Pull up displays are allowed as long as they fit size requirements. 6’ height and no wider than 36”. All signs are subject to prior approval by the Altamonte Mall Marketing Director.


All exhibits must be manned during show hours from 10AM - 4PM. Area must be kept safe, clean, and in proper manner. Exhibitor is responsible for his/her own trash removal. Exhibitor shall not consume food and beverage at display area. No pets are permitted. No playing of any musical equipment, including groups, radio, TV, etc., or the use of a microphone or loudspeaker is allowed at the display area unless granted permission in writing by News 6. All activities shall be confined to the exhibition area. This will be strictly enforced.


All displays, materials and exhibition personnel must enter and exit through Dock 3 adjacent to Macy’s. Parking is free and available at the back of the Mall. Exhibitor parking is limited to the extreme perimeters of the parking lot, so as not to consume prime customer parking.


Exhibitor must abide by the Mall’s Rules and Regulations with respect to the common area, facilities and sidewalks. NOTE: All rubbish, debris or disposable display material must be cleared away from the Mall and disposed of properly by Exhibitor. Should any clean-up be required by Mall personnel, exhibitor will be back charged for said clean-up.



Vendor Best Practices

1. Communicate all expectations (attire, times, responsibilities, goals, etc.) to expo booth representatives prior to their arrival.
2. Familiarize your team with the Mall rules and regulations.
3. Arrive to the event on time.
4. Do not leave your booth unattended. Stagger any restroom or lunch breaks between booth representatives so that the booth is always manned.
5. Be professional in appearance and actions.
a. Do not use any type of technology (laptops, cell phones, tablets, etc.) for personal or non-booth related work.
b. Stand or walk in the space in front of and beside your table. Do not remain seated behind your table the entire time.
c. Be friendly, polite, attentive and engage attendees.
d. Do not eat at the booth.
6. Nametags are not required but are encouraged.
7. Remember that you are representing your company at all times. This includes in the restroom, during breaks and before and after the event.
8. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions! The logistics team is here to help you to have the best experience possible.

We hope with these tips you can have a great expo experience! Please pass these on to your booth representatives that will be there throughout the day, so that they may be prepared and ready to engage all your visitors to your booth.


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451 E Altamonte Drive
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

Mall office: 407-215-5100


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General Sales Manager
WKMG-TV News 6
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