Lake County passes sex offender ordinance

Ordinance cracks down on sex offender restrictions

LAKE COUNTY, Fla. – Lake County Board members voted unanimously on Tuesday for an ordinance that cracks down on sex offender restrictions.

The ordinance restricts certain sex offenders from walking within 300 feet of schools, playgrounds daycares and parks where children may be. They also can't live within 500 feet of people convicted of similar crimes and they must announce that they are a sex offender when entering a city or county emergency shelter.
The ordinance comes after a push against a "sex offender village" being built in Sorrento by a Tampa developer. In October 2011, 2,000 Lake County homeowners banded together and prevented the village being built.

The developer vowed to look at other parts of Lake County. But the new ordinance would quash that plan.