Police: Man stole grease from restaurant

Grease was worth $200, Melbourne police say

Darick Wells.
Darick Wells.

MELBOURNE, Fla. – Melbourne police arrested a man who they say stole cooking grease from a restaurant.

Police said Darick Wells, 31, broke into the grease container of Frankie's Wings restaurant located on Wickham Road around 2:30 a.m. Sunday and loaded $200 worth of grease into his van.

Wells triggered an alarm and when police arrived, he said he was subcontracted by Phoenix Cooking Recyclers to take used cooking grease from the business, according to police.

Police found that the container was owned by Griffin Industries, who said they didn't hire Wells to take the grease.

Police said there were signs that the back of the restaurant had been tampered with, but there was no evidence there was a break-in. The lock had been removed from the grease container and police arrested Wells for theft.

Police didn't say why Wells stole the grease, but cooking grease is commonly resold to recycling companies and has been a hot item for thieves.

The incident is still under investigation.