Mom of teen shot, paralyzed asks for witnesses to come forward

No suspects in shooting of 17-year-old Jamison Knight


SANFORD, Fla. – The mother of a Sanford teen who was paralyzed after being shot Monday morning held a news conference on Friday, begging for answers and clues to who shot her son.

Police found 17-year-old Jamison Knight at the intersection of 13th Place and Mangoustine Avenue and transported him to the hospital, according to Sanford police.

Jamison was walking home from his girlfriend's house at 2 a.m. Monday when he was shot in the back of neck, police said.

His mother, Vickie Little, says Jamison has no feeling from the waist down since the shooting. Doctors have decided not to remove the bullet from his spine and said they are not sure the teen will ever walk again.

Sgt. Dave Morgenstern said Little released information about her son's condition because she wanted to motivate witnesses who may have seen the shooters to come forward with tips that could lead to an arrest.

"If you have any information, any kind of information-you don't have to give your name or anything, just call," Little said.

Little said she had just moved their family from Georgia because they wanted a better life, but her son was shot a month into living in Sanford.

"Now I don't ever want my kids out of the door at all because I don't know what will happen," Little said.

Police said witnesses have led them to three people of interest, but no suspects.

Police said the driver was driving a silver vehicle, but don't have the description of the vehicle or the shooter.