New website helps improve your exposure on search engines

BrandYourself.com could be useful tool for self-promotion


ORLANDO, Fla. – Call it 'Sibling Rivalry 2.0'.

Mary Trigiani has a friendly competition with her sister, who is an author. They're competing to show up higher on the page after you Google their name.

"I would sporadically show up above the fold in Google," Trigiani, a corporate marketing consultant, says. "Sometimes I'd be there, most of the time I wouldn't because she was dominating. But if somebody is just looking up my last name, I'm toast."

So Trigiani turned to a new website, BrandYourself.com, to change what happens when you type her name into a search engine like Google or Bing.

"They focus on what do you want to say about yourself. What do you want out there, and let us help you do that," Trigiani says.

BrandYourself.com is one of the first services that helps individuals, not just companies, show up higher in Google rankings through the use of search engine optimization, or SEO.

"Your ultimate goal is to get as many positive links that you like on that first page as possible," said Patrick Ambron, the CEO and Co-Founder of BrandYourself.com. "And those things you don't want, buried."

Ambron and his Syracuse University roommate, Pete Kistler, founded the company after Kistler lost out on a job because he has the same name as a drug dealer.

"The point is, everybody should be actively improving their search results because people will look you up. And what they find matters," Ambron said.

As for Mary Trigiani, she's already seen results.

"So, if someone searches under Mary Trigiani, it goes to the correct address," she says. "It goes to everywhere that I pretty much want it to go."

And hopefully soon, she'll have top billing above her sister.

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