Father of slain teen wants answers

Father wants to know how son was killed


ORLANDO, Fla. – For the first time since 18-year-old Jeremy Stewart was murdered, his father James worked up enough courage to face the crime scene where his son's body was found burning Sunday morning.

"I wanted to come here and piece it together and hopefully feel something and know how Jeremy died and how he felt," James Stewart said Thursday.

Flowers now cover the scorched area where Jeremy Stewart and 16-year-old Nicholas Presha's bodies were found burning off Cady Way Trail near Full Sail University.

"I didn't want my son to suffer and hopefully he died real quickly, but I don't know and that's what hurts so bad," Stewart said.

Stewart said not knowing what happened to his son and how he was murdered continues to haunt him.

"I have so many different emotions. I'm angry and I'm nauseous. I think which area is where Jeremy died and which area is where Nick died?" Stewart said.

Thursday evening, as hundreds gathered at the trail for a candle light vigil, Stewart demanded justice.

"I want justice. I want whoever did this to pay the price. I would love to take the law into my own hands but unfortunately I can't," Stewart said.

Officials at Winter Park High School said the reactions have been so strong they've brought in grief counselors and canceled FCAT testing. Parents of students at the school have also had emotional reactions.

"My son is a senior so it hits me pretty close to home, pretty tragic," said parent John Momot.

The family of Presha and Stewart have established a memorial fund to contribute to a reward for more information in the case