Volusia retesting wells in search of toxic pesticide

171 wells will be retested

DELAND, Fla. – The Volusia County Health Department is preparing to retest wells at 171 homes in Country Club Estates for the presence of a toxic pesticide, according to the West Volusia Beacon newspaper's website.

The new tests could help homeowners get assistance from the state.

Last year, tests on 287 wells in  the neighborhood found  116 had unacceptable levels of the pesticide dieldrin.

Those homes became eligible for whole-house water filters and free connection to city water paid for by the state.

The 171 other homes are not eligible, but these new tests could change that.

DeLand leaders say well water sampling should begin in a week or so.

A class-action lawsuit over the dieldrin poisoning is proceeding, filed on behalf of around 125 Country Club Estates residents against DeLand Country Club, which the suit claims caused the contamination.

The Country Club has filed a countersuit against Shell Chemical, maker of the rermite-controlling pesticide, which is now outlawed in the United States.

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