Facebook testing new Timeline

Limited number of users have test format

(Inside Facebook)

ORLANDO, Fla. – Facebook is testing a new layout of its Timeline format with a limited number of users.

CBS News reported that the new format, first noticed by Inside Facebook, keeps boxes that highlight friends and activities to the right of the profile page.

While many users complained about the previous Timeline update, CBS News reports, any change to the social network elicits criticism from users.

This new change addresses one such complaint of the previous change, however. The distinct columns will not require users to look back and forth between the left and right columns to follow the Timeline updates, as the previous format required.

The right-hand column keeps existing boxes such as "Recent Activity," "Friends," "Photos" and "Likes," as well as any app activity displayed by users. But with the new design, CBS News reports, the boxes are a smaller size than posts. Below those boxes, the test design features only whitespace where the current design would display more posts.