4 years since Tracy Ocasio's disappearance

Family still fighting to bring Tracy home

ORLANDO, Fla. – Four years ago, Tracy Ocasio went to an Orlando bar and never came home.

Her parents believe they know who took her, and say now more than ever, is the time for someone to step forward with information.

"In our mind, we know circumstances tell us she's probably not with us, but in our hearts we always say, 'What if,'" said Joe Ocasio, Tracy's father. "You always hope. You have to hope."

Ocasio believes James Hataway had something to do with her disappearance. He left "Florida Tap Room" with Tracy in 2009, and is now serving a life sentence for trying to kill a different woman.

"Knowing his reputation, knowing what he did to Rachel, we don't really think she's there," said Liz Ocasio, Tracy's mother. "We hope that she would come home but I don't believe that's going to happen."

The reason Tracy went to the bar in Metrowest that May night was she wanted to watch the Orlando Magic in the NBA playoffs.

"I was planning to go that game with her, and circumstances with my job took me away, and instead she went there [the bar in Metrowest] with her friends," said Joe Ocasio.

The Ocasio's have struggled with so many things since the disappearance of their daughter, including trying to donate Tracy's car, the one that was found near James Hataway's home.

"She owns the car herself, so in order to get it put in our name, we would have to declare her dead, and we're not willing to do that," said Liz Ocasio.

After a two-year fight, the Ocoee Police Department helped them get a court order, forcing the DMV to change the name on the title, so they can give the car to the Make a Wish Foundation.