George Zimmerman visits Fla. gun facility

Company manufactures gun used to kill Trayvon Martin


COCOA, Fla. – Local 6 has confirmed through George Zimmerman's family that he was at a weapons manufacturing facility Thursday. What's still unclear is whether or not he actually purchased a gun.

A picture posted on the website for TMZ showed Zimmerman posing for a picture with a worker at the Kel-Tec weapons plant in Cocoa.

According to the report, Zimmerman went to the facility asking about the KSG compact 12-guage tactical shotgun. He reportedly asked questions about the legality of buying a shotgun.

Zimmerman's brother, Robert, confirmed to Local 6.

"That is a real photo and it was taken today," said Robert. "I have no information, nor would I ever disclose any information as to whether or not George purchased the firearm in question. I own a shotgun similar to the one pictured and I am proud to be a responsible gun owner."

Kel-Tec is the same manufacturer that made Zimmerman's PF-9, the same game used to shoot and kill Trayvon Martin.

Zimmerman's attorney said his client fears for his safety, despite being acquitted of second degree murder.

Zimmerman can legally own a gun, and it's already known that he once again owns one.

Just recently, Zimmerman was caught on a police dashcam telling a Texas cop that he had a gun in his glove box.

The company's website states it is "committed to the development and production of high-performance firearms," but that weapons are not sold there.