Knights prepare to take on Baylor at Fiesta Bowl

UCF players dish on New Year's resolution, teammate habits


SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – The countdown is on for the dual in the desert as the Knights take on Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl--UCF's first appearance in a BCS Bowl Game.

UCF Knights may not be used to the attention of dozens of cameras and dozens of reporters fielding questions about their season, program, coach and also New Year's resolutions.

"New Year's resolution ... stay away from soda?" said receiver J.J. Worton.


The Knights are not only students and teammates but friends, Local 6 learned, as the team dished on everyone's habits. 

"I live with Joey and he's pretty dirty... Moffit is pretty dirty himself," said quarterback Blake Bortles.

Shawn Moffit professed an "obsession" with Harry Potter and defensive tackle EJ Dunston said he's a "pretty good basketball player," off the field.

Local 6 reporter Sheli Muniz even got the team to take "selfies" as social media plays a pivotal role in the Fiesta Bowl.

The Knights also shared their pregame rituals.

"Before every game I have to do certain stretches, listen to specific songs because I feel like if I don't do it something bad is going to happen," Worton said when asked what was something no one knew about him.

But for the New Year, one big goal appeared to be in sight-- to win their first BCS Bowl Championship. If the tiger at the Phoenix Zoo's prediction is correct, UCF will knock off Baylor. The tiger has correctly chosen three consecutive winners.

The Knights will visit the University of Phoenix staidum for the first time Tuesday afternoon for a walk-through. Head Coach George O'Leary will also take part in the head coach's news conference at the Camelback Inn Tuesday morning.

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