Peeping Tom suspect arrested in Deltona while on probation

Daniel Lee Bonano held on $500 bond

11pm Girls Targeted by Peeper
11pm Girls Targeted by Peeper

DELTONA, Fla. – A Deltona man was arrested on suspicion of targeting girls inside of their bedrooms.

The 28-year-old man is accused of peeping into a Deltona home, and he's already on probation for the same crime.

Police said Peter Behnke called deputies after he witnessed a man, later identified as Daniel Lee Bonano, 28, hiding behind his garbage on the side of his home.

"I'm pulling into my driveway and I kind of can see behind my trash cans and it looks like there is somebody on the side of my house," said Benhke to the 911 dispatcher. "It's something moving."

His wife, Jennifer Benhke, was inside of the home.

When the first deputy arrived he saw a man slumped down behind an A/C unit. The deputy shined his flashlight toward the man, who then began running toward the backside of the home.

"He was looking in the window at my oldest daughter," said Peter Benhke.

Bonano was finally caught, and according to the arrest report, Bonano told the deputy, "I want to die. Please just shoot me."

After the deputy told Bonano he would not shoot him, Bonano said, "You don't understand, man. I'm on probation for doing the same thing."

Bonano was found to have been arrested on Nov. 26, 2013, on charges of loitering and prowling. Records state that Bonano admitted at that time to fondling himself while watching the victim through her window.

Shannon Flo said it was her 5-year-old daughter's room he was peeking into last November.

"I just thought, somebody staring in my window at this time of night, it can't be good," said Flo.

Flo told Local 6 that she is afraid of this escalating into a harsher crime.

"This person has a problem, it needs to stop before it escalates," Flo said.

Flo has since put up wax paper to cover up the room; the Benhke's said they're using cardboard.

"If he's done this twice and gotten caught twice, who knows how many people he has done this too, and they don't know about it," said Flo.

"Keep your curtains closed, that's definitely it," Peter Benhke said.

A judge did not set a bond for Bonano's voyeurism charge because the judge decided there isn't enough evidence so far, to prove he peeped through the window, according to a spokesperson with the State Attorney's Office.

Bonano, 28, was arrested after a Deltona family said they caught him peeping into their home.

However, according to Shannon Peters, a spokesperson for the State Attorney's Office, a judge only set a bond on one charge of loitering or prowling.

The judge ruled the evidence of voyeurism was so weak, Bonano could be released on his own recognizance on that charge.

The state attorney will review the charges and all evidence to see if they have to drop the voyeurism charge completely.

Bonano will go before a judge again on Wednesday for violating his probation.