Interview of teen accused of suffocating newborn released

Brenna Winter, 19, charged with attempted 1st-degree murder


ORLANDO, Fla. – For the first time, authorities have released video from a teen mom's interview with police, after they accused her of suffocating her newborn in the hospital to get attention.

Orlando police detectives think Brenna Winter, 19, suffocated her baby twice and posted on Facebook while doctors were trying to save her baby's life.

"The nurses came in. You got a lot of attention that way, right?" a detective is seen asking.

"Yeah," said Winter.

Newly released documents said hospital staff watched on live cameras as the mom stood with her hands in the baby's crib. At first, Winter claimed she was helping the congested baby breathe.

"When they said they saw me in the video with my hands on her, I was trying to make sure she was breathing. I wasn't trying to stop her from breathing," a sobbing Winter told detectives.

But twice nurses rushed into the hospital room to revive the baby when she stopped breathing, and nurses said they realized something was seriously wrong.

The second time the baby stopped breathing, Winter said she was trying to breastfeed. But soon, the emotional mom changed her story to detectives.

"I held her too close and she couldn't breathe," Winter said.

The teen posted pictures of her newborn almost daily on her Facebook page.

Detectives have painted a picture of a young mom who took her stress out on her child.

"That was your intent, because you can't handle the baby, is that right? Is that a yes?" asked a detective.

"Yeah," said Winter.

She remains in the Orange County jail, charged with attempted first-degree murder, aggravated child abuse and battery by strangulation.

The baby was placed in foster care.