Police: Green Dot Money Pak hackers behind mystery

Victim loses $900 following transactions at Walgreens

Local 6: Morning News at 5a
Local 6: Morning News at 5a

When Kim Dombroski went home to punch in the 14-number access codes from her newly loaded Green Dot Money Pak cards, she discovered a zero balance on both accounts.

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As she stared at the computer screen she says she thought what anyone would think, " Where did my money go? Who's got my money?"

The Lake County nurse says she quickly contacted Green Dot, but a customer service representative told her that the funds had been downloaded to a prepaid card and that "nothing could be done. "

Her receipts confirm she placed a total of $900 on two cards purchased from two Walgreens stores in Lake County.

Green Dot confirms there is no way to access the funds without the code, which is revealed with a scratch off on the back much like an instant lotto ticket.

According to Green Dot, there are only three uses for a Money Pak:

  • Reload prepaid debit cards
  • Add cash to PayPal accounts
  • Make cash payments to partner businesses on the company's approved list.

Local 6 asked the company to review the case and in less than 24 hours, Green Dot agreed to refund the lost funds to Dombroski.

Clermont police Cpt. Michael McMaster says investigators have subpoenaed the records from Green Dot to track down the people behind the theft.

McMaster says the company has been very cooperative and he expects to have an arrest within the next two weeks.

Police have ruled out an "inside job."

"We truly believe that it was an outside entity that was able to get her money once it was placed on the card," McMaster said.

A Walgreens spokesman says the company is investigating, but there is no indication the company's security system has been breached.