Ride-sharing service Shuddle targets kids

Parents can order rides to kids' activities


You have probably heard of Uber and Lyft, ride-sharing services currently operating in Orlando, and may have even taken a ride. But now, one service has launched with the goal of transporting kids only.

It's called Shuddle, and is app-based like many of the other services. You download the app, and join up for a $9 per month fee. Then you're all set to request rides for your kids to their activities and find out the rates to different destinations.

You can book those rides up to a week in advance.

The service boasts the idea that parents can watch their kids' progress toward their destination in real-time on their smartphones, and even get notifications when they've arrived.

As far as who's driving, the service said it only hires drivers with proven experience with children. For instance, it said teachers, childcare workers and nannies are obvious choices. Many of the drivers listed now on their website have additional certifications, like CPR training.

Drivers must also pass local and national background checks, a 19-point vehicle inspection, a face-to-face interview, as well as attend driver training classes.

The company claims its service is better for kids than others because it's the only one that provides insurance for passengers under the age of 18.

Right now, the service is only available in San Francisco, but the company said it plans to expand to other cities.

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